Evaluation & Reporting

Helping you get the most out of your evaluation and reporting

Evaluation and reporting can often be afterthoughts that create unneeded stress. However, if done effectively, these processes not only keep funders and partners happy, leading to repeat funding, but they can help you and your team to learn valuable lessons for the future. They can help shape and design future programs and services. They can also help you to avoid repeating the same mistakes – saving you valuable time and money.

My experience includes designing reporting systems, evaluating projects (both as project manager and as an external contractor) and writing narrative and financial reports. My degree in accountancy certainly helps with the latter!

I can help you with:

  • Setting up reporting systems and processes
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews/feedback
  • Narrative reports
  • Financial reports
  • Project evaluation
  • Embedding lessons learned to help improve future performance

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Case Study: UNDEF (United Nations Democracy Fund)
Final narrative and financial report ($350,000 USD, 30-month project, seven partners in six countries across Africa using multiple currencies)

UNDEF workshop project evaluation

Workshop as part of a 30-month UNDEF-funded project I coordinated remotely from the UK. This included evaluation and reporting requirements.

As project coordinator of a 30-month UNDEF funded project involving seven partners in six countries in Africa, I was responsible for all reporting requirements, including the final narrative and financial reports. This included liaising remotely with all project partners, collecting and collating financial information in eight currencies and meeting with the UNDEF external evaluator.

In the UNDEF’s external evaluation report it noted: “The project was managed efficiently…All stakeholders interviewed praised the responsiveness and hard work of the trainer and the project coordinator.”

Contact me to find out about how I can help you with your evaluation and reporting.