Organisational Development

Helping you increase your effectiveness & impact

How often do you review your strategy? Do your systems and processes ensure you don’t miss opportunities and deadlines? Do you do things the way they’ve always been done simply because that’s the way they’ve always been done?

I can help you to identify ways to increase your efficiency and effectiveness to save you time and money and to allow you to concentrate on increasing your impact.

My experience includes helping organisations take a fresh look at their aims and operations. I have developed and implemented business plans and by improving existing processes or by implementing new systems, I have helped organisations increase efficiency, sustainability and impact.

Some of the ways I can help you include:

  • Review of existing strategies, systems and processes
  • Development and implementation of new strategies, systems and processes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research and analysis
  • Prospect research
  • New business ideas

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Case Study: International Network of Street Papers (INSP) (UK)

Organisational development support

International Network of Street Papers (INSP) street paper covers

INSP is an award-winning social enterprise network that supports over 100 street papers around the world (including The Big Issue) to start up, grow and develop.

While working at the organisation, I developed and implemented several key strategies, which resulted in increased organisational efficiency, impact and sustainability.

These included:

  • Co-developing the organisation’s business plan and marketing plan
  • Creating an income strategy that moved INSP towards more diversified and flexible unrestricted income sources
  • Developing a more efficient and effective staffing structure

“Helen has the invaluable ability to think outside the box – she constantly looks for ways to innovate and improve. She also demonstrates initiative, creativity and tenacity during challenging and pressured periods…She brings a professional approach, sound judgement, reliability, a willingness to take on hard work, and an ability to make and sustain good working relationships with colleagues, members and partners alike.” 
Maree Aldam, Chief Executive, INSP

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